AG/AR/AFP Compound


AG, AR and AF coated Compound PMMA+PC

Product Number: BHT-KQ0H2J1B1F1XX, 5%           
        (XX=thickness, 1.0mmt=20, 2.0mmt=30…etc.)

Coating Structure


Product Structure Anti Reflection and Anti Glare and Anti Smudge PC+PMMA compounded
Substrate Polycarbonate and Poly Methyl Meth Acrylate compound


Testing Method Result
Optical properties :
Total Luminous Transmittance JIS K7105 >95%(within 500~600nm view area)
Luminous Reflectance JIS K7105 <2%(within 500~600nm view area)
Haze JIS K7105 5%
Mechanical properties :
Pencil Hardness JIS-K5600-5-4 4H (PMMA side)/HB~F(PC side)
Water Contact Angle By BHT’s water drop testing method 115 degree
Adhesion Test 1mm Pitch 100 Squares 100/100
Steel Wool Hardness Steel wool #0000, Load 500g/cm2 10 cycles Pass
Abrasion Resistance Steel wool test : Scratch 5 times (back and forth) by 1.5kg pressure with #0000 steel wool. Pass standard : less than 30 scratches. (By appearance check) Pass
Flammability UL 94 HB
Water Resistance 85℃, 85%RH, 100 hours Pass
Toluene Appearance Visual test after 1 minute touch No Change
Acetone No Change
Ethyl acetate No Change
Gasoline No Change
(The above data was measurement value, but not guaranteed value.)

Reflectance Graph

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