1. Why would I need front cover to the display?
To protect displays working properly, and avoid any damage from the different locations, front covers can be a very important display interface to the users.
To plus the product brand is always a key commercial action to be recognized with additional logo by silk screening on the cover!

2.How can a cover lens apply on touch panel?
Select hard sheets(PMMA, PC, glass), or thin films(PC, PET, TAC) as to different types of touch solution. Decide the adhesion way to laminate the cover lens on.
Normally, thin films with adhesive suitable for the resistive touch panels. Either hard sheets, or thin films may suitable for both capacitive and IR touch.
With fine tune on IC drivers, both double sides tape, and OCA/OCR bounding may achieve great sensitivity through the covers.
3. How to operate protective film(with low tack PSA) on displays?
Cleaning wipe, alcohol, and a rubber roller(bubble remover) or a ruler would be the tools enough to do lamination!

The very key point is to keep the display surface clean! While aligning a film on the display, the air bubble can even remove by itself after release the liner.

Otherwise, a roller, or a ruler would be helpful to push on the top protection layer, too! Once done, remove the top protection layer may complete all processes.
4. Is it safe to clean and disinfect the cover lens / screen protector with alcohol or Windex?
Surface of bhT screen protectors and cover lens are abrasion resistant and with protective hard coat, it's safe to clean with a moistened cloth,alcohol and most window cleaner work well.
5. Are there filters or protectors for a curved screen?
bhT offers a wide range of highly transparent & ultra clear PC, PET, PMMA and the compound including flexible/rollable materials.
Please consult with our team to find an optimum solution for 2D curved designs.
6. How to start a project with bhT?
7. How soon it would take to complete a project with bhT?
Once the solution is identified, bhT can do rapid prototyping within 2~3 weeks.
8. What about the estimated cost to finalize a project?
Technical consultant is free. Followed by tooling or jig costs a few hundred dollars.
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