Clear Film for Display Front Filter


Clear Film for Display Front Filter



We develop this AFP film for LCD Front Protector uses. A hard coating layer to be applied on the surface of this optical grade PET film reaches to anti scratch, abrasion resistance, and chemical proof…etc., these fine performance. The brand new anti finger print performance is a plus on this product for touch panel, too. This is also a good solution for the high transparency display.

Product Structure


Anti-shattering purpose for all the display applications.


Test Items Test Method Result
OPTICAL Hardness Pencil hardness ( JISK 5600) 2~3H
Total Transparence JISK-7105 91.4%
Haze JISK-7105 0.4%
Heating 60℃, 90%RH * 240hrs. O
Abrasion Scratch with steel wool #0000, 200g,10-cycle O
Contact angle Material: Water 100°
Adhesion strength Glass (N/25mm, JIS Z 0237) 26N
Acrylic (N/25mm, JIS Z 0237) 32N
Adhesion environment test 80℃(1000 hours) O
60℃, 90RH (1000 hours) O
-20℃ (1000 hours) O

Dimension & Wavelength of the reflection

By Roll Type
1000mm Width * 200M Length / Roll

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