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Anti Finger Print (Anti Smudge)

Anti Finger Print (AFP)Anti Smudge

The anti-fingerprint coating constructions of the preferred embodiments have the following advantages. Firstly, when the anti-fingerprint coating construction is employed on acrylic, PMMA, and polycarbonate, on fingers of a user is not liable to be adhered to the surface. Therefore a fingerprint of the user is prevented from being imprinted on the surface, and the surface can remain clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Secondly, because the anti-fingerprint coating construction is easy to clean, the anti-fingerprint coating construction has good anti-corrosion and antibacterial properties. Our AFP coating makes it possible to wipe up smudge on surface very easily and also has a great hydrophobic performance and protects AR layers because it provides reduced friction and low surface energy and improves scratch resistance. The hydrophobic performance is evaluated each lot by measuring contact angle.

Reference: Wikipedia
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