Sunlight Readable Screen Protector

BHT-M5HJWF236AP25, 15%

AFP/AR/AG Coating Film


4-function: Anti Fingerprint, Anti Reflection, Anti Glare, and Anti Scratch to be coated on the surface as valued up for higher graded displays. AR coating layer may reach sunlight readable function. AG coating with very micro beads smooth the visual effect. And AFP coating may reduce the dirt and germs on the screen surface. This is a special and the best solution for the high transparence Display with permanent OCA layer at the rear side.

Coating Structure


Product Name AFP/AR/AG Coating Film
Series Number BHT-M5HJWF236AP25, 15%
Substrate Film Polyester film (125μm)


Result Testing Method
Reflectance 0.57% UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer Absolute Reflectance(5 deg. incidence)
Luminous Reflectance 0.8 % UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer Absolute Reflectance(5 deg. incidence)
Total Luminous Transmittance 92 % Apply to float glass (1mm). Haze meter
Haze 15% Apply to float glass (1mm). Haze meter
Color of transmittance L* 98 JIS-Z-8729
a* -0.3 JIS-Z-8729
b* -0.3 JIS-Z-8729
Cross-cut Test Good Scotch Tape Peeling on AR Coated Layer
APencil Hardness 3H 750g, JIS-K5600
Abrasion Resistance Steel wool (#0000);250g, load 10 strokes


Contact angle

Test sample Contact angle
Contact angle 100°
Oleic acid 56.8°

Environment Reliability

Test sample Test sample Test Method
Heat Unchanged 103°C, 500hrs
Humidity Unchanged 80°C, 90%RH,500hrs
Cycling test Unchanged -40°C ~ 80°C, 10 times, 500hrs

Chemicals ―resistance

Test sample

Result Test condition
NaOH1%aq.solution. Unchanged Deposit a drop of test sample on film surface. After 30 minutes, wipe the drop and observe the surface.
NH4OH 3%, aq. solution. Unchanged "
HCl 3%, aq. solution. Unchanged "
Kitchen cleaner 5% aq. solution. Unchanged "
Glass cleaner Unchanged "
Coke Unchanged "
Acetone Unchanged "
Alcohol Unchanged "
*The data indicated is the data measured in our company, but not the data our company guarantees.


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