Clear HC Film for LCD Front Layer


Clear Hard Coat Film for LCD Front Layer



We develop this clear film for LCD Front Protector use. A hard coating layer to be applied on the surface of this optical grade PET film will reach to anti scratch, abrasion resistance, and chemical proof…etc., these fine performance. High transparency is a plus on this product. To have an easier process on the panel, there is a thin layer acrylic PSA at the rare side. This is also a good solution for the high transparence touch panel LCD.

Product Structure


Notebook, Industrial PC,POS System,Screens for personal control, or Laptops



Test item Test method result
OPTICAL adhesion JISK5400 100/100      0
Total transparence Pencil hardness(JISK5600) 2H~3H
MECHANICAL Surface hardness JISK-7105 91.8%
UV light 200~280nm Light 99.0%
Haze JISK-7105 0.2%
abrasion Scratch with steel wool #0000 w/o damage lines
PSA adhesion Peel in 180-degree on glass Peeling
speed in 300mm/min byJISZ0237

Dimension & Wavelength of the reflection after AR coated

By Roll Type
1000mm Width * 200M Length / Roll

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