Clear AR TAC


HC/AR/AFP Coated TAC Film

Coating Structure


Product Name HC/AR/AFP Coated TAC Film
Series Number BHT-T5HWF090
Substrate Film TAC Layer (80μm)


T5HWF090 Testing Method
Reflectance 0.60% UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer
Absolute Reflectance(5 deg. incidence)
Total Luminous Transmittance 96% Apply to float glass (1mm). Haze meter
Haze 0.5% Apply to float glass (1mm). Haze meter
Cross-cut Test Good Scotch Tape Peeling on AR Coated Layer
Pencil Hardness 3H 750g, JIS-K5600
Abrasion Resistance Steel wool (#0000);500g, load 100 strokes
Water contact angle 110° 水滴角量測儀
Low/High Temp Durability 1000hrs pass -30/80℃
Humidity+ Temp Durability 1000hrs pass 60℃,95% humidity

Optical Property (Transparence)

*The data indicated is the data measured in our company, but not the data our company guarantees.