Anti Sparkling AG plus Anti Finger Print Film

M3HGF200AP25, 15%

Anti Sparkling AG plus Anti Finger Print Film



We develop this AG film for high definition display without sparkling, especially apply on Retina display. Though the haze data is high, but these micro beads become a unique to the visual comfort feeling. Anti finger print function to be added on the top of the AG layer smoothes and easier clean the surface. This product applies with the optical grade PET film which reaches abrasion resistance, and high transmittance performance.

Product Structure


Anti-shattering purpose for High Definition Display


Test Items Test Method Result
OPTICAL Thickness - 100um
Hardness Pencil hardness (by JISK 5600/750g) 2~3H
Total Transparence ASTM D-1003 91.0%
Haze ASTM D-1003 15%(micro beads)
Abrasion Steel wool (200g/cm2) Good
Contact angle Material: Water 105°
ADHESIVE Properties Adhesion strength Glass (N/25mm, JIS Z 0237) 11 N
Acrylic (N/25mm, JIS Z 0237) 12 N
Adhesion environment test 85℃(240 hours) O
65℃, 95RH (1000 hours) O

Dimension & Wavelength of the reflection

By Roll Type
1000mm Width * 200M Length / Roll