Sunlight Readable PC + Anti Smudge (AFP) Coated

BHT-Q0H2B2F1xx, xx= thickness choices

Sunlight Readable PC + Anti Smudge (AFP) Coated



Sunlight Readable function comforts working eyes, and AFP (Anti Finger Print) coating prevents inerasable dirt from human contact.  This product is created for both industrial and consumer display while there’s any concern with easy to have human contact.

Product Structure


  1. Dirt, finger prints easy remove.
  2. Anti Smudge coating makes water contact angle above 110-degree.
  3. Optical grade PC with vapor deposited coating.
  4. High transparence, low reflection from both sides.
  5. Close to Neutral coating color.
  6. 440~640nm reflection under 0.5%.
  7. 300~700nm reflection under 2%.
  8. Total transparence above 98% within whole view area.
  9. Impact strength resistance.


Method Result
OPTICAL Transparence JISK7105 98%
Reflection JISK7105 0.5%
MECHANICAL Surface Hardness Pencil Hardness, per 1kg. F F
Contact Angle Water contact angle 112°
Adhesion Cross cut test 100/100
Impact Strength ASTM D 256A 90kgf./cm
ENVIRONMENT Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 670kgf./c㎡
Humidity Resistance 60°C, 95% Humidity Up to 1,000 hrs
Heat Deflection Temp. ASTM D 648 130°C
Brittle Temp. ASTM D 746 -100°C


Size (mm)
275 x360, 310x380, 420x530, 420x630, 1,000x600

Thickness (mm)
0.5, 0.65, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2,1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0…etc.

Anti-Reflection Curve (PC, AR)