HC/AR/AFP Coated TAC Film

3-function: Anti Fingerprint, Anti Reflection, and Anti Scratch to be coated on the TAC surface as valued up for higher graded displays, as this may offer with low retardation functional use. AR coating layer may reach sunlight readable function. And AFP coating may reduce the dirt and germs on the screen surface. This is a special and the best solution for the high transparence Display with permanent OCA layer at the rear side.

Coating Structure


Product Name HC/AR/AFP Coated TAC Film
Series Number BHT-T5HWF090AP25
Substrate Film TAC Layer (80μm) + OCA 25um


T5HWF090AP25 Testing Method
Reflectance 0.60% UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer
Absolute Reflectance(5 deg. incidence)
Total Luminous Transmittance 95.5% Apply to float glass (1mm). Haze meter
Haze 0.5% Apply to float glass (1mm). Haze meter
Cross-cut Test Good Scotch Tape Peeling on AR Coated Layer
Pencil Hardness 3H 750g, JIS-K5600
Abrasion Resistance Steel wool (#0000);500g, load 100 strokes
Water contact angle 110° 水滴角量測儀
Low/High Temp Durability 1000hrs pass -30/80℃
Humidity+ Temp Durability 1000hrs pass 60℃,95% humidity

Optical Property (Transparence)

*The data indicated is the data measured in our company, but not the data our company guarantees.

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