In the year of 1999, bhT started its base on supplying optical components to the world well known customers. At the same time, bhT contributed its effort in the optical coating technology to the application with display. To reach the greatest broadcasting performance by various coating function may bringing the world class product to an extremely upgraded level. bhT focuses on engineering development to the display related material. To meet the different application and demand, we offer more and more solution by new creation on both the top coating and the base substrate, like: PMMA(Acrylic), PC(Polycarbonate), PET(Polyester), and OCA(Optical Clear Adhesive). The main window of the display should be treated by a well experienced working team as us. With our service, the end customers can be satisfied by higher contrast, brighter backlight in more compact style.

Sunlight Readable PC (Polycarbonate)

We are a professional manufacturer of Sunlight Readable PC (Polycarbonate). Our Sunlight Readable PC (Polycarbonate) is designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements. With our expertise, we have been offering quality Optical Polycarbonate renowned for premium features at competitive prices. From product specification and selection through delivery and beyond, our staffs are committed to making it easy for you to get the products and the information you need when you need them. We develop reasonable price and durable Sunlight Readable PC (Polycarbonate) that tends to cater to the demands of optimum performance.

BHT-Q0H2B2xx, xx= thickness choices

Sunlight Readable PC (Polycarbonate)


Displays against strong sunlight reflection from outdoor, or solving the display reflective problem from the brightness light indoor is a mainly topic for all the industrial and professional displays. With double sides AR coated, air gap between the front cover and the panel won’t be a concern any longer.

Product Structure


1. High Transparence & Anti Reflection
2. Optical Grade PC with Vapor deposited coating
3. Coating close to Nature Color
4. 440~640nm Reflection Under 0.5 %
5. 300~700nm reflection Under 2%
6.Transparance above 98% within whole view area
7. Anti Scratch, abrasion resistance to grade F.
8. Against high temperature up to 120-degree C.


Method Result
OPTICAL Transparence JISK7105 98%
Reflection JISK7105 0.5%
MECHANICAL Surface Hardness Pencil Hardness, per1kg F. F
Yellowness Index ASTM D 1925 Grade 2.0
Adhesion Cross cut test 100/100
Impact Strength ASTM D 256A 90kgf./cm
ENVIRONMENT Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 670kgf./c㎡
Humidity Resistance 60°C, 95% Humidity Up to 1,000 hrs
Heat Deflection Temp. ASTM D 648 130°C
Brittle Temp. ASTM D 746 -100°C


Size (mm)
275 x360, 310x380, 420x530, 420x630, 1,000x600

Thickness (mm)
0.5, 0.65, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2,1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0…etc.

Anti-Reflection Curve (PC, AR)

As a professional Sunlight Readable PC (Polycarbonate) manufacturer, BOTH HARVEST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has an excellent advantage over the competition, developing strong designs at very competitive prices but maintaining extremely high quality. For more customized demands that can’t be found in our standard product lines, we also can offer a solution to combine your specific requirements into our new design standard products. We appreciate your interest, feedback, and suggestion. If you have any questions about Sunlight Readable PC (Polycarbonate) of BOTH HARVEST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. or issues, please leave your message and contact information on our website.