Optical Grade Protect Film for Display Front Filter

Optical Grade Protect Film for Display Front Filter




We combine four functions on this product. There are Anti Reflection, Anti Fingerprint, Anti Glare and Hard Coated film for LCD Front Protector using. The AR coating layer to be applied on the surface of this optical grade PET film will reach the sunlight readable, the AG layer coating with the micro beads to not influence the visual effect and the AFP coating to reduce the adhesive on the screen and the last but not the least is Hard Coated to increase the hardness on the PET surface. This is a special and the best solution for the high transparence Display.

Product Structure


Laptop, POS System, Mobile phone and other Display


Test Items Test Method Result
Total Transparence JIS Z8722 94%
Reflection Rate JIS Z8722 0.18%
Haze JIS Z8722 15%
Abrasion Scratch with steel wool #0000, 200g, 10-cycle w/o damage
Adhesion (N/25mm) JIS Z0237 <0.1
Coated Adhesion JIS K5600-5-6 25/25
Pencil Hardness JIS K5600-5-4 2~3H

Dimension & Wavelength of the reflection

By Roll Type
1000mm Width * 200M Length / Roll