In the year of 1999, bhT started its base on supplying optical components to the world well known customers. At the same time, bhT contributed its effort in the optical coating technology to the application with display. To reach the greatest broadcasting performance by various coating function may bringing the world class product to an extremely upgraded level. bhT focuses on engineering development to the display related material. To meet the different application and demand, we offer more and more solution by new creation on both the top coating and the base substrate, like: PMMA(Acrylic), PC(Polycarbonate), PET(Polyester), and OCA(Optical Clear Adhesive). The main window of the display should be treated by a well experienced working team as us. With our service, the end customers can be satisfied by higher contrast, brighter backlight in more compact style.

Anti Newton Ring Clear AFP Film

Use our experience to help you meet your Anti Newton Ring Clear AFP Film requirements consistently and competitively. In order to provide the best possible service, BOTH HARVEST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has developed a highly responsive and motivated organization that can adapt readily to each individual customer's needs and requirements. BOTH HARVEST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. believes that customer service is the most important aspect of our business, and we want to be there whenever and wherever you need us. Keeping in mind the importance of clients' time, we make sure that our Anti Newton Ring Clear AFP Film are delivered to them within the promised time-period.

BHT-M8H2FGxxx xxx=299/360

Anti Newton Ring Clear AFP Film


Anti-Finger Print Hard Coated Film is an optically PET film which offers both excellent transparent and haze performance with outstanding optical properties. There is a printable layer at the Anti Newton Ring coated side and easy attached to the display without Newton Ring. Both sides with hard coated to reduce the scratches by additional processes.

Product Structure


IT product with displays.


Test Items Test Method Result
OPTICAL Transparence JIS K7105 91.7%
Haze JIS K7105 3%
Adhesion Peeling off with NICHIBAN Cellophane Tape 100/100 checks
MECHANICAL Scratch Hardness JIS K5600 2~3H
Steel Wool Hardness #0000, (200gf/100 times) O
Heating 60℃*90%RH*240hrs. O

Dimension & Wavelength of the reflection

By Roll Type
1000mm Width * 200M Length / Roll

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